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​Installation Precautions
  1. If the door leaf is derailed, ensure that all anti-drop devices are installed correctly;

  2. Check the controller error display, refer to the controller fault code, and locate the cause of the fault . If the controller prompts 14 or 15 errors, please focus on checking

  • The fixed position of the swing stopper must be the most aligned with the edge of the door leaf;

  • Check that the door leaf is vertical and level, and whether the door leaf is jammed into the groove of the frame column without obstruction when it is closed

  • Whether there is any blockage in the chute in the horizontal material under the door leaf;

  3. If the fingerprint card swiping machine or face recognition device is used, it must be connected to the power supply for access control separately;

  4. The door leaf is repeatedly opened and closed, which may be due to self-induction. The door body runs in the induction area of the probe. Please increase the angle of the probe;



​Controller fault code description
controller display.png

①Safety light signal 2 PIN6
②Internal hand switch signal PN20
③Internal sensor PIN5
④Safety light signal 1 PIN2
⑤ External hand press switch signal PIN19
⑥External sensor PIN1
⑦Emergency signal (open door maintenance) PIN9
⑧ Door open to stop, safety signal PIN10
⑨Safety light signal, the controller is directly connected

E1   The motor sensor cable is poorly connected;
E2   motor failure;
E3   Receive emergency normally open signal;
E4   Continuously receive the door opening signal of the switch for more than 3 minutes;
E5   Motor overload during calibration;
E11 Returns 6 times within 100 seconds from the point before closing the low-speed section;
E12 Returns 6 times within 100 seconds from the point in the closed low-speed range;
E14 Sudden deceleration due to resistance during operation;

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