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Profile Automatic Overlap Door Installation Instructions

Materials and Accessories

Before starting to install the profile automatic sliding door, please make sure to receive the following materials and accessories:

  • 1*Chassis beam

  • 1*Case cover

  • 2* frame column (installed with safety electric eye and internal push switch cable)

  • 1*fixed door leaf (most outdoor side), 1*middle door leaf, 1*movable door leaf (most indoor side)

  • 2* Ground sway stop

  • 4*Pulley pendant

  • 8* screws M6*18 (connect the frame and beam)

  • 8*Anti-derailment screws

  • 24* Self-tapping screw Ø5.2*38 (door leaf connection)

  • Wire rope linkage device ( there is a distinction between the left door and the right door )

use tools

To assemble and install the automatic sliding door, you will need and tools:

  • small ladder or stool

  • tape measure

  • spirit level

  • Glass glue, close to the color of the profile surface

  • Nylon hammer or rubber hammer

  • Electric screwdriver with impact

  • electric hammer

  • Wrench size 10 and 13

  • Place the uprights and beams on the floor near the opening according to the interior view

  • The frame consists of left and right frame columns and top beams

  • Use 8 M6*18 screws to fix them from the inside and the outside, four on the left and right

  • With the help of someone else, erect the frame, push it into the hole, and use a spirit level to make sure the frame is vertical and level on every plane

  • Fix the frame to the wall, and the interval of expansion screws should not exceed 50cm

Assembly frame

  • Referring to the picture below, assemble the three door leaves, making sure the assembly is correct

  • The fixed fan is on the outermost side, and there is an extra 10mm material for the lower horizontal material.

  • The middle door leaf linkage is installed under the gasket and fixed with self-tapping screws and door leaf vertical material

  • The middle door leaf must first install the linkage device, set the wire rope, and then hang it on the track;

  • Pay attention to the orientation of the metal hook when wrapping the wire rope

  • Use a nylon hammer or a rubber hammer to knock the glass completely into the slot, and make sure the diagonal dimensions of the door leaf are the same

Assemble the door leaf
Install the fixed fan
  • Assemble the fixed door leaf, insert the fixed leaf into the lower groove of the beam obliquely from the inside, and fix it with flat head screws

  • The exterior view opens to the left, the fixed door leaf is installed on the left side of the exterior view, the exterior view opens to the right, and the fixed leaf is installed on the right side of the exterior view

  • The ground swing stopper is fixed with the door leaf and the ground at the same time;


The floor stop must be aligned with the edge of the door leaf

  • Assemble the middle door leaf, the middle door leaf has wool strips on both sides, one side is placed on the fixed fan, and the other is placed on the mobile fan

  • Assemble the linkage, put on the wire rope, pay attention to the direction

  • Lift the middle door leaf, the inclination is more than 30 degrees, the pulley is hung on the main slide rail, and the ground stopper is stuck into the bottom groove of the door leaf

  • Fix the linkage device to the chassis beam (there are two holes on the beam with a distance of 5cm), and the linkage device distinguishes the opening direction

  • Adjust the pulley to ensure the door leaf is vertical and not tilted, adjust the tightness of the wire rope and the wire rope runs on a flat surface

  • Install the swing stop, 3mm above the ground

Install the middle fan
Install the mobile fan
  • Assemble the moving door leaf

  • Lift the moving door leaf, the inclination exceeds 30 degrees, the pulley is hung on the main track, and the swing stopper is stuck into the bottom groove of the door leaf

  • Fix the hook-shaped connector of the linkage to the underside of the pulley bracket gasket of the moving door leaf;

  • Attach hanger and belt clip

  • Adjust the height and level of the door leaf, fix the bolts

  • Rotate the anti-dropping device and install the copper-colored fastening screws

  • The blue and black wires of the safety light are respectively connected to the corresponding interfaces of the controller, a pair of white interfaces on the left side of the display screen, blue on the left and black on the right

  • The internal wired push switch is connected to the controller 13 and 20 interfaces respectively

  • After the orange quick-connect terminal is connected to the 220V power supply, press the hand switch, the motor starts to run, and the distance of the door opening and closing is automatically detected. During the self-test, do not think of intervention.

Power up operation

​Manually push and pull the door leaf before power-on to ensure smooth operation of the door leaf without resistance. And when the door is closed, it is stuck into the groove of the column without resistance.

finishing touches
  • ​ Test that accessories such as safety lights, push switches, and sensor probes are working properly

  • When the door is in working order, the gap between the frame and the wall must be carefully sealed with a suitable glass glue

  • When finished, use a soft damp cloth to gently wipe cement, excess silicone glue and fingerprints from glass and aluminum surfaces, taking care to avoid scratching

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